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Are you just starting out or in the early days of your new business?

Starting your own business is both exciting and daunting. Where there is an opportunity there are also pitfalls that you need to be aware.

Finding the right mix of people to guide you through the initial phases and to establishing your business is critical for your success. Resources are difficult to manage and there is a need to make every minute of your time and dollar of your budget work in your favour.

There are a number of options available to start up businesses. Business incubators and Government funded programs exist to help you.

We can assist you


  • Structuring – business and corporate structures & re-structures
  • Intellectual Property – Trademarks & Licensing Agreements
  • Joint ventures – Heads of Agreement & Shareholders Agreements
  • Internal relationships – Contractor Agreements & Employment Agreements
  • External relationships – Contract Terms & Conditions & Website terms and use


If you would like to take advantage of our services then please contact us for a Free Consultation.

Before you do please consider the tools available from the above links so that you are able to maximise the benefit of the time we invest together in creating your business dream.