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Do you need to empower your business for growth?

Time invested developing your business is never wasted. It is important to balance your time and resources between preparation and implementation.

We assist businesses preparing for growth by streamlining procedures and documents to ensure that your key terms and relationships are protected.

Taking a holistic approach to business is important.

You should ask us to review your documents and payment processes before:

  • You supply a customer with new products
  • You supply products on 30 days credit


If you have not had your terms looked at by a lawyer advising you for over the past 2 years then your future growth may be impacted.

Do you need to protect your key relationships?

Aside from your customers, your other critical relationships are with your business owners, staff, service providers and key strategic partners.

Having written agreements in place is important to ensure that each party is aware of all obligations and expectations and to help manage performance.

We can assist ensure these agreements are protective of your interests relating to:

  • Internal relationships – Shareholder agreements & Employment contracts
  • External relationships – Contract Terms & Conditions & Website terms and use
  • Distribution relationships – Supply agreements & Distribution agreements

Are you entering into new venture or strategic relationship?

Often a simple Heads of Agreement can be critical to ensuring that you and your new venture does not fail before it starts.

Documenting obligations and commitments from each party early can ensure everyone stays on the same path and can save a great deal of time and resources. Disputes can arise where there is uncertainty and these can be very expensive and ruin ventures and relationships forever

Using a confidentiality agreement and heads of agreement can be effective ways to protect your existing business and any future business you create.

If the relationship warrants a more formal and long term arrangement then a Shareholders Agreement or Partnership Agreement or a similar document may be appropriate.

By using our approach Real Time Law is able to document the key terms and obligations within a minimum of fuss before the parties invest significant time and resources.